3 Band EQ &Color LCD Chromatic tuner low noise,nature sound.

BS3: the panel design of the product adopts blue light source and rich functional configuration. The window design of the pickup adopts unique fan-shaped colorful LCD, and single pickup provided, one of which is the piezo pickup of 0.8 mm thickness that is made in soft knitting process and placed under the Saddle, which allows you to rapidly and accurately install without the need of excision processing of saddle. This kind of piezo pickup is of good and natural bass and clear treble, which makes the whole voice natural and balanced. 

Pick-up:Piezo cable pick-up

Input impedance:20MΩ

Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz

Control Range

Bass: (+/-)12dB at 80Hz

Middle: (+/-)12dB at 650kHz

Treble: (+/-)12dB at 10kHz

Master Volume

Automatic Low Batt-check LED

Balanced and Unbanlanced output jack

phase control

The blue lighting   panel