4 Band EQ & LCD Chromatic tuner

TOPS series: this series is featured with pickup that has blue backlight and super size of LCD. The pointer will enable you to complete calibration of the guitar faster and in a more detailed way, thereby facilitating your view of the working state of the pickup. Meanwhile it’s equipped with large size of equalizer operation panel, which will make every operation so easy. and this series of products that adopts piezo ceramics pickups is featured with large output, compact bass and invigorative alto voice and clear and loud high pitch, which exhibits the timbre featured by the excellent piezo ceramics pickup.

Pick-up:Piezo ceramic pick-up

Input impedance:10MΩ

Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz

Control Range

Bass: (+/-)12dB at 80Hz

Middle: (+/-)12dB at 650Hz

Treble: (+/-)12dB at 3.5kHz

Presence: (+/-)12dB at 10kHz

Master Volume

Automatic Low Batt-check LED

Balanced and Unbanlanced output jack

LCD Tuner: Power, Note Knob

Blue backlight for LCD