5 Band EQ & LCD Chromatic tuner

A series: our users reflect to us that they need pre-amplifier for thin-body guitars. Then we begin to consider to design a brand-new pre-amplifier for thin-body guitar. First we consider the feature that thin-body guitar has relatively small thickness, so we just use two screws to lock the upper and lower ends of the pre-amplifier respectively, and the product begins to be transformed into the design of being rounded at both ends. The benefit is that the width of the pre-amplifier may be reduced, and when you excise the installation hole from the flank of the guitar, the installation could be completed without any damage to the structure of the guitar, which is very important. The bottom of the product adopts wholly sealed metal shell to efficiently reduce noise, and this series of products that adopts piezo ceramics pickups is featured with large output, compact bass and invigorative alto voice and clear and loud high pitch, which exhibits the timbre featured by the excellent piezo ceramics pickup.

Pick-up:Piezo ceramic pick-up

Input impedance:10MΩ

Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz

Control Range

Bass: (+/-)12dB at 80Hz

Middle: (+/-)12dB at 650Hz

Middle: (+/-)12dB at 1KHz

Treble: (+/-)12dB at 3.5kHz

Presence: (+/-)12dB at 10kHz

Master Volume

Automatic Low Batt-check LED

Balanced and Unbanlanced output jack

LCD Tuner: Power, Note Knob

Orange backlight for LCD