2023 Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition Booth No. W5A40


In 2023, we distribute a new portable 5 series and 50 series products here. Power from 5W, 50W. 

The 5 series product is based on a 5W small size portable design.

The product can run in the two ways of power adapter and battery. It will provide different colors and different updates in the later stage. The product uses 3 "speaker and lightweight Class D design to improve the battery life of the battery.


More 5: Basic and simple functional design, independent distortion gain design. Volume, 2 band EQ . 3.5mm aux input and headphone output. Strong distortion makes you forget that it is a product on the desktop.

Token5: Basic Token series function. Configure an independent distortion channel. Improve the delay effect. 3 band EQ. 3.5mm aux input and headphone output. This is a enhanced desktop product.


50 series products: Portable guitar amplifier boxes based on electronic tube sounds.

The preamp applies a 12AX7 (ECC83) for sound shaping. With high efficiency 50W Class D power amplifier. Different colors of metal shell design distinguishes different tone directions to maintain product strength at the same time. The electronic tube sound is also lightweight and portable here.


50 LAND: A Strong tone direction. Independent distortion channel gain control. 3 band equalizer bass,middle,treble. BT switch. The back is configured with the effect loop. foot switch. XLR and headphone output contain 212 and 412 cabinet simulation. 3.5mm AUX interface


50 LIMPID: A tone tending to be more clear. Independent distortion channel gain control, fast and simple sound and volume control. Put 4 effects here. Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger. Meet more application places. XLR and headphone output contain 212 and 412 cabinet simulation. 3.5mm AUX interface



50 torrent, 50 Broke, 50 Chilir on the road.....